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African Leopard

She's a social butterfly and has animals fall at her feet, but don't let that blind you. She won't give you the time of day.


Security and alarm Queen when she's at work, and the Plant Queen when she's enjoying her own company.

Will drag you to the dance floor if an 80s song comes on.


Alexis was brought up in an alternative way, but you'll have to wait to find that out ;)




"Consider it tax for that beautiful spotted coat"



On planet Earth, the African leopard is considered vulnerable. Humans poach them for their fur, which is used to make coats and ceremonial robes. They are also poached for their parts such as their claws, whiskers and tails. With their habitat decreasing due to the human population, conflicts arise with farmers when the lack of prey causes a leopard to attack livestock resulting in retaliation by the farmers. This is a common issue with other big cats.

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